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Adding layer 2s

We want to make sure we list the best resources possible so users can navigate the layer 2 space in a safe and confident manner.

Anyone is free to suggest adding a layer 2 on ethereum.org. If there's a layer 2 that we have missed, please suggest it(opens in a new tab)!

We currently list L2s on the following pages:

Layer 2 is a relatively new and exciting paradigm for Ethereum. We've tried to create a fair framework for consideration on ethereum.org but the listing criteria will change and evolve over time.

The decision framework

Criteria for inclusion: the must-haves

Listing on L2BEAT

Open source

  • Your code must be accessible and you should accept PRs from the wider community.

Layer 2 category

We currently consider the following to be layer 2 solutions:

  • Optimistic rollup
  • Zero-knowledge rollup

We do not consider other scaling solutions that don't use Ethereum for data availability or security to be layer 2.

Ethereum for data availability

  • Data availability is an important differentiating factor between other scaling solutions and layer 2. A project must use Ethereum Mainnet for data availability to be considered for listing.


  • How are users able to onboard to the layer 2?

Date project went live

  • A layer 2 that has been "live" on Mainnet for over 6 months

  • Newer projects that have not been battle-tested by users are less likely to be listed.

External security audit

  • Whether through audit, an internal security team or some other method, your product's security must be reliably tested. This reduces the risk to our users and shows us that you take security seriously.

Sustained user base

  • We will consider metrics such as TVL history, transaction statistics, and whether it is used by known companies or projects

Active development team

  • We won't list a layer 2 that doesn't have an active team working on project.

Block explorer

  • Listed projects require a working block explorer to allow users to easily navigate the chain.

Other criteria: the nice-to-haves

Exchange support for the project

  • Are users able to deposit and/or withdraw directly from an exchange?

Links to dapps in the layer 2 ecosystem

Token contract lists

  • Since assets will have a new address on layer 2, if there is a token list resource available please share.

Native wallet support

  • Do any wallets support the L2 natively?

Add your layer 2

If you want to add a layer 2 to ethereum.org, create an issue on GitHub.

Create an issue(opens in a new tab)

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