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Ethereum.org Translatathon

Welcome to the first ever ethereum.org Translatathon!

A translatathon is a collaborative and competitive hackathon-style event where individuals and teams compete for prizes by translating ethereum.org content into different languages.

The goal is to translate website content and help make ethereum.org more accessible to non-English speakers, raise awareness of the importance of localization and the Translation program, onboard new contributors and give back to our community, while fostering a sense of community by teaming up, collaborating on translations, and competing against other teams.

We invite you to join us in breaking down language barriers and making ethereum.org content available to a truly global audience. By participating in the Translatathon, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded individuals from across the globe, compete for exciting prizes, and contribute to making Ethereum content more accessible to the world!


This event has passed. Stay tuned for the next events(opens in a new tab).


  • Application period: August 1st - August 15th, 2023
  • Translation period: August 16th - August 23rd, 2023
  • Evaluation & QA period: August 23rd - August 30th, 2023
  • Results announcement: August 31st, 2023


The translations and review process will take place in the ethereum.org project on Crowdin(opens in a new tab), a localization management platform where all of our localization processes take place.

All of the Translatathon participants will be required to join the project in Crowdin and translate directly on the platform, where you can translate as individuals or collaborate as part of a team.

Office hours, workshops, team formation and FAQ sessions will be hosted on the ethereum.org Discord(opens in a new tab), where you’ll also be able to find all the relevant information on the Translatathon, follow along with announcements and updates, and reach out to other participants and the ethereum.org team.


Application period

The application period will be open from August 1st to August 15th, 2023.

All participants in the Translatathon are required to apply in order to participate and compete for prizes.

During this period, we will be organizing several team formation calls on the Discord, where participants will be able to form teams and apply to compete in the ‘Teams’ category.

Participants planning to compete as a team need to fill out the Team registration form(opens in a new tab) by the end of the application period, adding links to the Crowdin profiles of each team member.


The Translatathon will be split into two categories: Teams and Individuals

Teams will be able to participate by collaborating on translations, competing only against other teams, and the final scores will be calculated based on the sum of translated words by all team members and the content buckets they translated. Teams can have up to a total of 3 members.

Team members can translate into different languages!

Individuals will participate in the Translatathon as normal, competing only against other individuals, and the final scores will be calculated based on their number of translated words and the content buckets they translated.

Only translations, submitted during the Translation period - starting 16th of August at 5:00am UTC and ending 23rd of August at 5:00am UTC - will count towards the final score.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Learn more about the Translatathon and read up on the timeline, process, requirements, and evaluation process

  2. Apply to participate here(opens in a new tab)

  3. Join the team formation and Onboarding calls on the ethereum.org Discord(opens in a new tab)

  4. If you’re planning to participate as part of a team, fill out the Team registration form(opens in a new tab)

  5. Check out the resources on how to join the project and how to use Crowdin, and read through the Translation style guide for in-depth guidelines on translating ethereum.org content

  6. Translate!

When translating, do not use machine translation or submit low-quality translations, since all translations will be reviewed, and participants found using machine translation or submitting inaccurate translations will be disqualified from competing for prizes!

Details and submission criteria

Requirements and scoring

With the translation process taking place in Crowdin, the deliverable for Translatathon participants is simply the content you have translated in the ethereum.org project(opens in a new tab). No need to manually submit anything.

In order for your submissions to be counted, make sure that you are only translating untranslated and unapproved strings.

This means that you should only be translating files that are less than 100% translated, and strings with no existing translations. They can be easily identified by the red square (as shown in the image below).

Untranslated string (translate this!):

Untranslated string

Translated strings (do not translate):

Translated string

String with an approved translation (do not translate):

Approved string

The files for translation are already categorized by priority in Crowdin, with initial content buckets containing the most high-traffic pages.

You can read more about content buckets here, and check the exact distribution of pages across different content buckets here.

We always recommend contributors to translate the content buckets in order, starting with 1) Homepage → 2) Essentials → 3) Exploring → 4) Use Ethereum pages, etc., but during the Translatathon, this will be especially important and could heavily influence your score, since the higher priority buckets will have a higher multiplier when calculating the final score.

Full breakdown of multipliers by content bucket:

  • Content buckets 1-8: 1.2x points multiplier
  • Content buckets 9-15: 1.1x points multiplier
  • Content buckets 16-28: 1x points multiplier
  • Remix translations: 0.8x points multiplier


The total prize pool for the Translatathon is 30,000$.

A detailed breakdown of prizes will be announced at the end of the application period.

Evaluation process

We work with Acolad(opens in a new tab), a leading localization agency, on all review and QA processes for ethereum.org content.

As part of the evaluation process for the Translatathon, all translations will be subject to a QA and feedback step, where professional linguists will evaluate submissions by individual translators based on quality and accuracy.

We will also be running anti-machine translation measures, with Crowdin providing some tools that automatically detect machine translations.

While translation quality will not play a critical role in the scoring, any participants found using machine translation or suggesting low-quality and inaccurate translations will be disqualified and not eligible to compete for prizes!

If you are participating in the Translatathon as part of a team, try to pick your teammates wisely. Any team members that are disqualified based on the above criteria will results in your team losing points, putting you at a disadvantage against other teams.

The evaluation period will take one week after the translation period ends, and results & winners will be announced on August 31st.

All translations will also be subject to a thorough review before being added to the website.

Terms & conditions

The Ethereum.org Translation Competition, also referred to as the “Translatathon”, is an experimental initiative by the ethereum.org team to incentivise and reward contributions to the ethereum.org Translation Program.

  • Modification and Termination. We reserve the right to modify the rules or to terminate the Translatathon at any time, without prior notice. All changes will be effective immediately upon announcement.
  • Eligibility, Judging, and Prizes. The determination of eligibility, scoring and judging methodology, and prize distribution fall solely and irrevocably under our discretion.
  • Data Privacy. By submitting the application form, applicants and participants confirm that they have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and consent to share with us the requested information, which may include information that constitutes personal data. We will keep all information provided confidential, except for the participants’ provided Crowdin usernames and profile images which may be used in public announcements related to competition results and winners.
  • Translation Standards. The use of machine translation tools, as determined by us in our sole discretion, may result in disqualification from the competition. In addition, the submission of incorrect and/or inaccurate translations, as determined by us in our sole discretion, may result in ineligibility for prize consideration. Further, any contributions towards strings that have already been translated or reviewed, as determined by us in our sole discretion, will not be included in the participants’ final score. We reserve the right to make such determinations, which shall be final and binding.
  • Intellectual Property. Participants agree that by submitting a translation work during the Translatathon, they grant the Ethereum Foundation an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, distribute, display, modify, adapt, create derivative works from, and otherwise alter their translation work. Further, participants agree that their translation works may be made publicly available on the ethereum.org website under an open-source licence, including a Creative Commons licence, which allows others to use, share, and build upon the work.
  • Taxes. Any tax implications arising from the receipt of prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize recipient.
  • Comprehensively Sanctioned Countries. Participants from regions or countries that are subject to comprehensive international sanctions (including, but not limited to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria) will not be eligible for participation.
  • Waiver of Liability. Participants agree that the Ethereum Foundation, its affiliates, and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising from or in connection with their participation in the Translatathon.
  • Governing Law. Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the Translatathon (in each case, including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule (whether of Switzerland or any other jurisdiction).

Frequently asked questions

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