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Ethereum support

Official Ethereum support

Are you looking for the official Ethereum support? The first thing you should know is that Ethereum is decentralized. This means no central organization, entity, or person owns Ethereum, and because of this, no official support channels exist.

Understanding the decentralized nature of Ethereum is vital because anyone claiming to be official support for Ethereum is probably trying to scam you! The best protection against scammers is educating yourself and taking security seriously.

Despite the lack of official support, many groups, communities, and projects across the Ethereum ecosystem are happy to help, and you can find a lot of useful information and resources on this page. Still have questions? Join the ethereum.org Discord, and we'll try to help.

Wallet support

Having trouble with your wallet? Most wallets have dedicated support teams that can help:

This is not an exhaustive list. Need help finding support for a specific wallet? Join the ethereum.org discord and we'll try to help.

Looking for an Ethereum wallet? Explore our full list of Ethereum wallets.

Building dapps

Building can be hard. Here are some development focused spaces with experienced Ethereum developers that are happy to help.

You can also find documentation and development guides in our Ethereum developer resources section.


Does your question relate to a particular tool, project, or library? Most projects have chat servers or forums dedicated to supporting you.

Here are some popular examples:

Running a node

If you're running a node or validator, here are some communities that are dedicated to helping you get started.

Most of the teams building Ethereum clients also have dedicated, public-facing, spaces where you can get support and ask questions.

Execution clients

Consensus clients

You can also learn how to run a node here.

Frequently asked questions

I've sent ETH to the wrong wallet

A transaction sent on Ethereum is irreversible. Unfortunately, if you've sent ETH to the wrong wallet, there is no way to recover these funds. No one central organization, entity, or person owns Ethereum, which means no one can reverse transactions. Therefore, it is vital always to double-check your transactions before sending them.

How can I claim my Ethereum giveaway?

Ethereum giveaways are scams designed to steal your ETH. Do not be tempted by offers that seem too good to be true — if you send ETH to a giveaway address, you will not receive a giveaway, and you will not be able to recover your funds.

More on scam prevention

My transaction is stuck

Transactions on Ethereum can sometimes get stuck if you have submitted a lower transaction fee than is required due to network demand. Many wallets provide an option to resubmit the same transaction with a higher transaction fee to allow the transaction to be processed. Alternatively, you can cancel a pending transaction by sending a transaction to your own address and using the same nonce as the pending transaction.

How to speed up or cancel a pending transaction on MetaMask

How to cancel pending Ethereum transactions

How do I mine Ethereum?

We do not recommend buying mining equipment if you are not already mining Ethereum. In ~Q3/Q4 2022, The Merge will happen, switching Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. This change means mining Ethereum will no longer be possible.

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