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Test your Ethereum knowledge

Find out how well you understand Ethereum and cryptocurrencies. Are you ready to become an expert?

Ethereum basics

This section covers the fundamental concepts of Ethereum, ensuring you have a strong foundation.

  1. Què és Ethereum?

    5 QuestionsBEGINNER
  2. Què és l'ether (ETH)?

    4 QuestionsBEGINNER
  3. Carteres

    4 QuestionsBEGINNER
  4. Què és la Web3?

    5 QuestionsBEGINNER
  5. Seguretat i prevenció d'estafes a Ethereum

    5 QuestionsBEGINNER
  6. The Merge

    5 QuestionsINTERMEDIATE

Using Ethereum

Delve into the real-world applications of Ethereum and uncover how this revolutionary blockchain platform is reshaping industries. This is a great way to make sure you understand things well enough before you start using cryptocurrencies actively.

  1. Tokens no fungibles (NFT)

    5 QuestionsBEGINNER
  2. Escalant

    4 QuestionsINTERMEDIATE
  3. Capa 2

    4 QuestionsINTERMEDIATE
  4. Executeu un node

    6 QuestionsINTERMEDIATE
  5. Apilament en solitari

    7 QuestionsADVANCED

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