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Adding glossary terms

This space is changing every day. New terms are constantly entering the lexicon of Ethereum users, and we need your help providing an accurate, up to date reference for all things Ethereum. Check out the current glossary and see below if you want to help!


New glossary terms will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Is the term/definition up to date and currently relevant?
  • Is there a similar term already in the dictionary? (If so, consider the benefits of a new term vs updating an existing term)
  • Is the term/definition void of product advertisement or other promotional content?
  • Is the term/definition directly relevant to Ethereum?
  • Is the definition objective, accurate and void of subjective judgement or opinion?
  • Is the source credible? Do they reference their sources?

Add your term

If you want to add a glossary term to and it meets the criteria, create an issue on GitHub.

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