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Adding content resources

We can't hope to cover everything Ethereum so we try to showcase some of the brilliant articles, tutorials, newsletters, job boards and various content resources that the community creates. These often provide more in-depth information on topics that users may be interested in.

If there's a content resource that you feel should be added to a page, feel free to suggest it somewhere appropriate.

How we decide

Learning resources will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Is the content up to date?
  • Is the content behind a paywall?
  • Is the information accurate? Is it factual or opinion-based?
  • Is the author credible? Do they reference their sources?
  • Does this content add distinct value that existing resources/links don't cover?
  • Does this content serve one of our user personas?

Add your content resource

If you want to add a content resource to and it meets the criteria, create an issue on GitHub.

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