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Adding developer tools

We want to make sure we list the best developer resources possible so that people can build with confidence and have the support they need.

If there's a helpful developer tool that we've missed, feel free to suggest it somewhere appropriate.

We currently list developer tools throughout our developer portal.

Feel free to suggest new additions to appropriate pages.

How we decide

Developer tool submissions will be assessed by the following criteria:

Is it meaningfully differentiated from tools already listed?

  • New categories or types of tools
  • New features compared to existing similar tools
  • Targeted at a distinct use-case not covered by existing similar tools

Is the tool well documented?

  • Does documentation exist?
  • Is it sufficient to use the tool?
  • Has it been recently updated?

Is the tool widely used?

  • We will consider metrics such as GitHub stars, download statistics, and whether it is used by known companies or projects

Is the tool of sufficient quality?

  • Are there recurring bugs?
  • Is the tool reliable?
  • Is the tool actively maintained?

Is the tool open source?

Many projects in the Ethereum space are open source. We are more likely to list open-source projects that allows community developers to inspect the code and contribute to it.

Product Ordering

Unless products are specifically ordered otherwise, such as alphabetically, products will be displayed from least to most recently added to the page. In other words, the newest products get added to the bottom of the list.

Add your developer tool

If you want to add a developer tool to ethereum.org and it meets the criteria, create an issue on GitHub.

Create issue(opens in a new tab)

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