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Online communities

Hundreds of thousands of Ethereum enthusiasts gather in these online forums to share news, talk about recent developments, debate technical issues, and imagine the future.


r/ethfinance(opens in a new tab) - the financial side of Ethereum, including DeFi
r/ethdev(opens in a new tab) - focused on Ethereum development
r/ethtrader(opens in a new tab) - trends & market analysis
r/ethstaker(opens in a new tab) - welcome to all interested in staking on Ethereum
Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians(opens in a new tab) - community oriented around technical standards in Ethereum
Ethereum Stackexchange(opens in a new tab) - discussion and help for Ethereum developers
Ethereum Research(opens in a new tab) - the most influential messageboard for cryptoeconomic research

Chat rooms

Ethereum Cat Herders(opens in a new tab) - community oriented around offering project management support to Ethereum development
Ethereum Hackers(opens in a new tab) - Discord chat run by ETHGlobal: an online community for Ethereum hackers all over the world
CryptoDevs(opens in a new tab) - Ethereum development focused Discord community
EthStaker Discord(opens in a new tab) - community-run guidance, education, support, and resources for existing and potential stakers website team(opens in a new tab) - stop by and chat web development and design with the team and folks from the community
Matos Discord(opens in a new tab) - web3 creators community where builders, industrial figureheads, and Ethereum enthusiasts hang out. We're passionate about web3 development, design, and culture. Come build with us.
Solidity Gitter(opens in a new tab) - chat for solidity development (Gitter)
Solidity Matrix(opens in a new tab) - chat for solidity development (Matrix)
Peeranha(opens in a new tab) - decentralized question and answer forum

YouTube and Twitter

Ethereum Foundation(opens in a new tab) - Keep up to date with the latest from the Ethereum Foundation
@ethereum(opens in a new tab) - Official account of the Ethereum Foundation
@ethdotorg(opens in a new tab) - The portal to Ethereum, built for our growing global community

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