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Contributor acknowledgements

The Translation Program is a collaborative effort and thousands of contributors have gotten involved by volunteering their time to help us make the website accessible in as many languages as possible.

This page is dedicated to acknowledging our translators and their efforts, highlighting our most outstanding contributors, and supporting them on their professional journeys.

All translators active in our project in Crowdin are featured on our contributors page. View all ethereum.org translators.

The most active translators in a given period will also earn their place on the Translation Leaderboard.

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Translation Leaderboard

Total Words





Spanish (Modern)


Portuguese, Brazilian












Chinese Simplified


We want to feature outstanding translators based on recent activity as well as highlight our most impactful all-time contributors. Our leaderboard tracks data on the most active translators using a monthly, quarterly and all-time view, and are updated at the start of each month. Translators are placed on the leaderboards based on their number of ''winning'' words (number of translated words that are approved during the review).

Our translators

Community is at the heart of the ethereum.org Translation Program. Explore our full community of translators below.

View all translators

Check out our full list of translators who dedicate their time and skills to help make Ethereum content available to everyone.


We want to acknowledge our translators and support them on their career paths. With this in mind, we have designed the ethereum.org translator certificate.

The certificate is intended for professional and upcoming translators who want to use it as a reference, prove their expertise in translating technical content or simply show their dedication to Ethereum.

If you have contributed to the Translation Program and at least 5,000 of your translated words have been approved, you can request your translator certificate by writing to us at translations@ethereum.org. Your message should include the link to your Crowdin account and your full name (or alias, if you prefer), which we will add to the certificate.

translator certificate


All of our translators are eligible for a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) – a non-fungible token that proves their participation in the ethereum.org Translation Program.

We have a number of different POAPs available for translators, based on their activity

If you have contributed to the translation effort in Crowdin, you have a POAP waiting for you!

How to claim

  1. Join our Discord server(opens in a new tab)
  2. Paste a link to your Crowdin account in the #🥇 | poaps channel.
  3. Wait for a member of our team to send you a link to your POAP.
  4. Claim your POAP!

You should only use self-custody wallets to claim POAPs. Do not use exchange accounts or other accounts you do not hold the private keys to, as these will not allow you to access and manage your POAPs.

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