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Siden sist oppdatert: 15. august 2023


You can find some useful guides and tools for ethereum.org translators, as well as translation communities and updates below.




Latest updates

To keep up-to-date with the latest Translation Program progress, you can follow the Ethereum Foundation blog(opens in a new tab):

Office hours for translators

We have office hours for translators on the second Wednesday of every month. These are held in the #office-hours voice channel on the ethereum.org Discord(opens in a new tab), where you can also find the exact times and additional details.

Office hours allow our translators to ask questions about the translation process, provide feedback on the program, share their ideas, or just chat with the core ethereum.org team. Finally, we want to use these calls to communicate recent developments with the Translation Program and share key tips and instructions with our contributors.

If you are an ethereum.org translator or would like to become one, feel free to join us during one of these sessions.

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