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Language resources

The Ethereum community is global and comprised of millions of non-English speakers.

Our aim is to provide educational content in all languages and help overcome the language barriers that make onboarding people from all over the world to Ethereum a challenge.

If you prefer reading in your native language or know someone who doesn’t speak English, you can find a list of useful non-English resources below. Hundreds of thousands of Ethereum enthusiasts gather in these online forums to share news, talk about recent developments, debate technical issues, and imagine the future.

Know of an educational resource in your language? Open an issue to add it to the list!

Ethereum.org resources

Ethereum.org is natively translated into over 40 languages which you can find on our languages page.

If you are bilingual and want to help us reach more people, you can also get involved with the ethereum.org Translation Program and help us translate the website.

Community resources

Brazilian Portuguese


  • BeInCrypto - cryptocurrency news and articles, including a list of exchanges, available in Brazil
  • Cointelegraph - Brazilian version of Cointelegraph, a major cryptocurrency news outlet
  • Livecoins - cryptocurrency news and tools
  • Seudinheiro - cryptocurrency news and reports


  • web3dev - Content hub and Discord community for web 3 developers.
  • Web3Brasil - resources for learning Web3 and DeFi
  • CriptoFacil - cryptocurrency news and education, including ‘Ethereum for beginners’ and ‘DeFi’ for beginners
  • CriptoAtivos - insights from the cryptocurrency space, education and blog
  • Cointimes - cryptocurrency news and education
  • Web3 starter pack - a guide answering the most frequently asked and fundamental crypto questions


General resources

  • Ethereum.cn - community maintained content, covering the consensus layer upgrade, all core dev meeting notes, layer 2, etc.
  • EthFans - learn everything from the basics to advanced Ethereum topics
  • Unitimes - community maintained content, covering Ethereum, DeFi, NFT, Web3-related knowledge
  • 123ETH - a Portal to the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Zhen Xiao - free online courses about cryptocurrency and its applications
  • Ethereum Whitepaper - Chinese version of the Ethereum Whitepaper

Ethereum ecosystem

For developers

  • DappLearning - a learning group to study mainstream dapp projects and share thoughts and comments every week
  • LearnBlockchain - a community for devs, sharing information about blockchain technology

For cryptography researchers

  • SecbitLabs - a WeChat account, explaining cryptography, security, etc.
  • Sparkbyte - a WeChat account, explaining zk technology



  • Ethereum France - Ethereum France organizes events, creates content and encourages discussions around Ethereum
  • Ethereum.fr - Ethereum news and education
  • BanklessFR - Bankless newsletter in French
  • CryptoFR - cryptocurrency forum with an Ethereum subpage







  • Tino Group - overview of Ethereum, dapps, wallets and FAQs
  • Tap Chi Bitcoin - web platform with subpages for Ethereum news and education
  • Coin68 - cryptocurrency portal with Ethereum news and educational content


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