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Check the deposit contract address

This is the address for the Ethereum staking contract. Use this page to confirm you’re sending funds to the correct address when you stake.

This is not where you stake

To stake your ETH you must use the dedicated launchpad product and follow the instructions. Sending ETH to the address on this page will not make you a staker and will result in a failed transaction. More on staking

Stake using launchpad(opens in a new tab)

Check these sources

We expect there to be a lot of fake addresses and scams out there. To be safe, check the staking contract address you're using against the address on this page. We recommend checking it with other trustworthy sources too.

Check deposit contract address

Confirm to reveal address

Sending funds to this address won’t work and won’t make you a staker. You must follow the launchpad instructions. Use launchpad(opens in a new tab)

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