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About the Ethereum Foundation

Mission and Vision Statement

The Ethereum Foundation’s mission is to promote and support Ethereum platform and base layer research, development and education to bring decentralized protocols and tools to the world that empower developers to produce next generation decentralized applications (dapps), and together build a more globally accessible, more free and more trustworthy Internet.

Foundation Team

Executive Director

Ming Chan

Portrait of Ming Chan

An alumna of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studied Computer Science and Media Arts & Sciences, Ming has a background in enterprise IT and management consulting projects, founding and growing businesses, and working with top educators, scientists, and inventors to bring inspiring research innovation to life. Her interests and work include legal and regulatory matters related to blockchain technology.

Foundation Council

Vitalik Buterin

Portrait of Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. He first discovered blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies through Bitcoin in 2011, and was immediately excited by the technology and its potential. He cofounded Bitcoin Magazine in September 2011, and after two and a half years looking at what the existing blockchain technology and applications had to offer, wrote the Ethereum white paper in November 2013. He now leads Ethereum's research team, working on future versions of the Ethereum protocol.

Website, Twitter, GitHub

Technical Steering Group

Jeffrey Wilcke

Portrait of Jeffrey Wilcke

Jeff is one of the founders of Ethereum. He started the first implementation of Ethereum using the Go programming language in 2013 and has been the Go team lead and head developer ever since. The Go client launched successfully on July 30, 2015, marking the release of the genesis block and Ethereum platform.

LinkedIn, GitHub

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Ethereum History

Ethereum has been made possible thanks to many more people than would be possible to list here. A more comprehensive short history of ethereum, read this blog post by Taylor Gerring. Help write this story at the history guide