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Learn by coding

These tools will help you experiment with Ethereum if you prefer a more interactive learning experience.

Code sandboxes

These sandboxes will give you a space to experiment with writing smart contracts and understanding Ethereum.

Remix and Replit aren't just sandboxes—developers can write, compile and deploy their smart contracts using them.

Interactive game tutorials

Learn while you play. These tutorials get you through the basics using gameplay.

CryptoZombies logo


Learn Solidity building your own Zombie game.
Open CryptoZombies
Ethernauts logo


Complete levels by hacking smart contracts.
Open Ethernauts
Capture the Ether logo

Capture The Ether

Capture the Ether is a game in which you hack Ethereum smart contracts to learn about security.
Open Capture The Ether

Developer bootcamps

Paid online courses to get you up to speed, fast.

Platzi logo


Learn how to build dapps on Web3 and master all the skills needed to be a blockchain developer.
Open Platzi
ChainShot logo


Remote, instructor-led Ethereum developer bootcamp and additional courses.
Open ChainShot
ConsenSys Academy logo

ConsenSys Academy

Online Ethereum developer bootcamp.
Open ConsenSys Academy
BloomTech logo


The BloomTech Web3 course will teach you the skills employers look for in engineers.
Open BloomTech
_buildspace logo


Learn about crypto by building cool projects.
Open _buildspace
Questbook logo


Self paced tutorials to learn Web 3.0 by building
Open Questbook
NFT school logo

NFT School

Explore what's going on with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs from the technical side.
Open NFT School
Pointer logo


Learn web3 dev skills with fun interactive tutorials. Earn crypto rewards along the way
Open Pointer
Speed Run Ethereum logo

Speed Run Ethereum

Speed Run Ethereum is a set of challenges to test your Solidity knowledge using Scaffold-ETH
Open Speed Run Ethereum
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Learn with documentation

Want to learn more? Go to our documentation to find the explanations you need.

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Website last updated: January 27, 2023

Use Ethereum

  • Find wallet
  • Get ETH
  • Decentralized applications (dapps)
  • Layer 2
  • Run a node
  • Stablecoins
  • Stake ETH


  • Community hub
  • Ethereum Foundation
  • Ethereum Foundation Blog
  • Ecosystem Support Program
  • Ethereum bug bounty program
  • Ecosystem Grant Programs
  • Ethereum brand assets
  • Devcon