Page last updated: Jun 23, 2020

About is a primary online resource for the Ethereum community. The purpose of the site is to "Be the best portal to Ethereum for our growing global community" - read more about what this means here. is improved and changed over time through the contributions of community members who submit content, give feedback, or volunteer their time to managing its evolution. If you’re interested in helping to improve, this contribution guide will help you get started.

Updates to the website are made by a team of people from across the Ethereum ecosystem guided by our design principles. This team includes project managers, developers, designers, marketing and communications, and subject matter experts. Community input informs every decision: raising questions in issues, submitting pull requests, or contacting the team is always helpful!

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Ever since the launch of, we strive to be transparent about how we operate. This is one of our core values because we believe transparency is crucial to Ethereum's success.

The source code of this repository is licensed under the MIT License. We use GitHubas our primary project management tool. We organize our tasks in 3 categories: in progress, planned and implemented. We do our best to keep the community informed what the status is of a specific task.

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Tasks that we're implementing. View the full list of tasks in progress on Github .

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