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Ethereum grants

The programs listed below offer a variety of funding grants for projects working to promote the success and growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. Use this as a guide to find and apply for funds to help make your next Ethereum project a success.

This list is curated by our community. If there's something missing or incorrect, please edit this page!

Broad Ethereum ecosystem

These programs support the broad Ethereum ecosystem by offering grants to a wide scope of projects. These include solutions for scalability, community building, security, privacy, and more. These grants are not specific to any one Ethereum platform and are a good place to start if you're unsure.

  • EF Ecosystem Support Program - Funding open source projects that benefit Ethereum, with a particular focus on universal tools, infrastructure, research and public goods
  • Ethereum RFPs - Requests for Proposals by the Ethereum Foundation for work and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • MetaCartel - Dapp development, DAO creation
  • Moloch DAO - Privacy, layer 2 scaling, client security, and more
  • Open Grants
  • DAO Grants - Google spreadsheet of organizations offering grants
  • Crunchbase for Web3 Grants - Filter and search for grants by category, use case, amount, and more. Contribute to help others find the right grant.
  • Academic Grants - Grants to support Ethereum-related academic work

Project specific

These projects have created their own grants for projects aimed at developing and experimenting with their own technology.

Quadratic funding

The open source roots of Ethereum have led to the growth of an interesting new fundraising model: quadratic funding. This has the potential to improve the way we fund all types of public goods in the future. Quadratic funding makes sure that the projects that receive the most funding are those with the most unique demand. In other words, projects that stand to improve the lives of the most people. More on quadratic funding.

Work in Ethereum

Not ready to start your own project? There are hundreds of companies actively looking for passionate individuals to work in and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. Looking for more information? Check out Ethereum related jobs

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