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How can I get involved?

The Ethereum community includes people of many different backgrounds and skillsets. Whether you’re a developer, an artist, or an accountant, there are ways to get involved. Here’s a list of suggestions that might help you get started.

Start by reading about the mission and values in our code of conduct.


Researchers & Academics

Do you have a background in mathematics, cryptography, or economics? You might be interested in some of the cutting-edge work being done within the Ethereum ecosystem:

Explore more active areas of research.

Non-technical skillsets

If you’re not a developer, it can be hard to know where to start in Ethereum. Here are a few suggestions, along with resources for specific professional backgrounds.

Organize a meetup in your city

Write content about Ethereum

  • Ethereum needs good writers who can explain its value in plain language
  • Not ready to publish your own articles? Consider contributing to the existing content on community resources, or propose new content for!

Offer to take notes for community calls

Translate Ethereum content into your native language

  • maintains a Translation Program that translates the website, and other resources, into many different languages
  • Find out how to get involved here

Run a node

Join thousands of node operators in helping to further decentralize Ethereum.

Stake your ETH

By staking your ETH you can earn rewards whilst helping to secure the Ethereum network.

Support projects

The Ethereum ecosystem is on a mission to fund public goods and impactful projects. With very small donations you can show your support and allow important work to be realized.

Financial professionals & Accountants

  • Ethereum is home to the “Decentralized Finance” ecosystem - a network of protocols and applications that offer an alternative financial system. If you’re a financial professional, check out some DeFi apps at DeFi Llama(opens in a new tab) or DeFiPrime(opens in a new tab)
  • Accountant? Assets on Ethereum - ETH, tokens, DeFi, etc - introduce many novel accounting issues. You could start by checking out some projects that aim to help users of cryptocurrency solve their bookkeeping & accounting challenges, like Rotki(opens in a new tab)

Product Managers


  • There are many marketing and communications positions in the Ethereum ecosystem!

Ethereum jobs

Want to find a job working in Ethereum?

Join a DAO

"DAOs" are decentralized autonomous organizations. These groups leverage Ethereum technology to facilitate organization and collaboration. For instance, for controlling membership, voting on proposals, or managing pooled assets. While DAOs are still experimental, they offer opportunities for you to find groups that you identify with, find collaborators, and grow your impact on the Ethereum community. More on DAOs

Please remember to abide by the code of conduct whenever and however you contribute to!

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