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Adding Ethereum products

Anyone is free to suggest new dapps to the content on, where it's appropriate to do so. No, we won't list your dapp on our homepage 😜

Dapps are currently listed on:


Please only suggest new additions on these pages.

Although we welcome new additions, we chose the current dapps based on an experience we're trying to create for our users. These are based on some of our design principles:

  • Inspirational: anything on should offer something new to users
  • A good story: what's listed should provide an "aha" moment
  • Credible: everything should be legitimate businesses/projects to minimize risk to users

Overall wants to provide a "seamless onboarding experience" for new users. For that reason, we add dapps based on their:

  • ease of use
  • interoperability with other products
  • security
  • longevity

Here's our decision framework in more detail. Feel free to provide feedback or suggest changes.

The decision framework

Criteria for inclusion: the must-haves

  • A security-tested product – whether through audit, an internal security team or some other method, your product's security must be reliably tested. This reduces the risk to our users and shows us that you take security seriously.
  • A product that has been "live" for over 6 months – this is another indication of security. 6 months is a good time frame for critical bugs and exploitations to have been found.
  • Worked on by an active team – this helps ensure quality and that a user will get support with their queries.
  • Honest and accurate listing information - it is expected that any suggested listings from projects come with honest and accurate information. Products that falsify listing information, such as declaring your product is "open-source" when it is not, will be removed.

Criteria for ranking: the nice-to-haves

Your dapp may not be listed on as prominently as others because of the following criteria.


  • You can access it via the majority of listed wallets – dapps should work with the majority of wallets that are listed on
  • Users can try it out themselves – an individual user should be able to use your dapp and achieve something tangible.
  • Onboarding – your product should have a well-designed onboarding experience to help and educate users. Or evidence of how-to content like articles or videos.
  • Non-custodial – users control their funds. If your product disappears, users can still access and move their funds.
  • Globally accessible – your product doesn't have geographic limitations or KYC requirements that exclude certain people from accessing your service.
  • Open source – your code should be accessible and you should accept PRs from the wider community.
  • Community – you have a dedicated community, maybe a Discord, where users can interact with your team to get help or suggest new features.

Criteria in practice

The more of the criteria you fill, the more likely your product will find its way onto

A listed product that only meets the must-haves may be removed if a new product is suggested that meets the must-haves and several of the nice-to-haves.

Other things that will factor into this decision:

  • Will adding rather than replacing break the UX of the page?
    • our site is primarily educational and the main purpose is to explain Ethereum and its relevant concepts. By adding too many options for users, pages may become less readable and thus less useful.
  • Does this page now paralyse the user with choices?
    • like when you sit browsing Netflix for hours because you can't decide on something to watch. Bamboozling new users with too much choice is a risk.

This is a design decision that is responsible for.

But rest assured, there will be links to other websites that rank more dapps

Product Ordering

Unless products are specifically ordered otherwise, such as alphabetically, products will be displayed from most to least recently added to the page. In other words, the newest products get added to the bottom of the list.

Terms of use

Please also refer to our terms of use. Information on is provided solely for general information purposes.


As is the fluid nature of Ethereum, teams and products come and go and innovation happens daily, so we'll undertake routine checks of our content to:

  • ensure that all dapps listed still fulfil our criteria
  • verify there aren't products that have been suggested that meet more of our criteria than the ones currently listed

You can help with this by checking and letting us know. Create an issue(opens in a new tab) or send an email to in a new tab)

We're also investigating options for voting so the community can indicate their preferences and highlight the best products out there for us to recommend.

Add your product

If you want to add a dapp to and it meets the criteria, create an issue on GitHub.

Create an issue(opens in a new tab)

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