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Zadnja posodobitev strani: 3. februar 2023

About is a public, open-source resource for the Ethereum community that anyone can contribute to. We have a small team dedicated to maintaining and developing the site which is funded by the Ethereum Foundation.

Our vision's mission is to be the best portal for Ethereum's growing community

We're an educational resource, designed to help new users become familiar with Ethereum and its key concepts. We want to:

  • explain Ethereum to anyone new to the technology
  • help new users get started with ETH and Ethereum
  • help new developers to start building
  • cover updates in the Ethereum world
  • showcase resources created by the community
  • bring Ethereum education to as many languages as possible

We have some core principles that help us do this.

Core principles

1. is a portal to Ethereum 🌏

We want our users to have their interest piqued and their questions answered. So our portal needs to combine information, "magic moments" and links to the brilliant community resources that exist out there. The purpose of our content is to be an “onboarding portal” and not a substitute for the extensive resources that already exist. We're keen to support and integrate with community built resources, giving them more visibility and making them more discoverable.

Ethereum's community is at the heart of this: we need to not just serve the community, but work with them and incorporate their feedback. The website isn't just for the community we have now but for the community we hope to grow into. We must remember our community is global, containing people from many languages, regions, and cultures.

2. is always evolving 🛠

Ethereum and the community are always evolving, so will too. That's why the site has a simple design system & modular structure. We make iterative changes as we learn more about how people use the site and what the community wants from it.

We're open source, with a community of contributors, so you can propose changes or help us out too.

Learn about contributing

3. is not a typical product website 🦄

Ethereum is a big thing: it includes a community, a technology, a set of ideas and ideologies, and more. This means the website needs to handle many different user journeys, from “a developer who wants a specific tool” and “a newcomer who just bought some ETH and doesn’t know what a wallet is"

"What is the best website for a blockchain platform?" remains an open question - we are pioneers. Building this requires experimentation.

Design principles

We use a set of design principles to guide our content and design decisions on the site.

Style guide

We have a style guide to standardize certain aspects of writing content to make the contribution process smoother.

We welcome feedback on both the design principles and the style guide. Remember, is for the community, by the community.

Make sure you read our principles and our style guide if you'd like to contribute to the site.


Že od ustanovitve si prizadevamo za preglednost pri svojem delovanju. To je ena naših temeljnih vrednot, ker menimo, da je preglednost ključnega pomena za uspeh Ethereuma.

Izvorna koda tega skladišča je licencirana na podlagi licence MIT.

Uporabljamo GitHubkot glavno orodje za upravljanje projektov. Naša opravila organiziramo v 3 kategorije:

  • v teku
  • načrtovano
  • izvedeno

Po svojih najboljših močeh obveščamo skupnost o stanju določenega opravila.

V delu

Opravila, ki jih izvajamo. Oglejte si celoten seznam opravil, ki potekajo na Githubu .

Načrtovane funkcije

Opravila, ki smo jih postavili v čakalno vrsto in bodo naslednja na vrsti za izvedbo. Oglejte si celoten seznam opravil, ki potekajo na Githubu.

Izvedene funkcije

Nedavno končana opravila. Oglejte si celoten seznam izvedenih opravil na Githubu .

Zahtevajte funkcijo

Imate zasmisel, kako izboljšati Želimo sodelovati z vami.

Open jobs

Although this website is open-source and anyone can work on it, we do have a team dedicated to and other Ethereum Foundation web projects.

We'll post any job openings here. If you don't see a role here for you, head over to Discord and let us know how you'd like to work with us!

Looking beyond the team? Check out other Ethereum related jobs.

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