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Upcoming events

Every month, there are major Ethereum events around the world. Consider attending one near you to meet more people in the community, learn about employment opportunities, and develop new skills.

We're not aware of any upcoming events. Know of one? Please add it to this page!(opens in a new tab)

This is a non-exhaustive list maintained by our community. Know of an upcoming Ethereum event to add to this list? Please add it(opens in a new tab)!

Ethereum meetups

Don't see an event that works for you? Try joining a meetup. Meetups are smaller events held by groups of Ethereum enthusiasts - a chance for people interested in Ethereum to get together, talk about Ethereum, and learn about recent developments.

Interested in starting your own meetup? Check out the BUIDL Network(opens in a new tab), an initiative by ConsenSys to help support Ethereum’s meetup communities.

This is a non-exhaustive list built by our community. You can find more Ethereum meetups here(opens in a new tab). Know of an active meetup group to add to this list? Please add it(opens in a new tab)!

Edemede a ọ nyere aka?

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  • Ebe mmụta
  • Gini bu Ethereum?
  • Gini bu ether (ETH)?
  • Akpa ego Ethereum
  • Gịnị bụ Web3?
  • Nkwekọrịta azụmahịa na emere onwe ya
  • Gas fees
  • Run a node
  • Nchekwa Ethereum na mgbochi ọhị
  • Ebe ajuju
  • Okwunkowa Ethereum


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  • Maka anyị
  • Ethereum brand assets
  • Code of conduct
  • Ọrụ
  • Iwu ihe nzuzo
  • Usoro nke ojiji
  • Amụma kuki
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