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Content buckets

As mentioned in our Translation Program overview, we use 'content buckets' within Crowdin to get the highest priority content released first. When you check out a language to translate, for example, German you'll see folders for each content bucket.

Below is a breakdown of the website pages each content bucket contains.

1) Homepage

2) Essential pages

3) Exploring

4) Use Ethereum pages

5) Use case pages

6) Staking pages

7) Learn pages

8) Upgrades

9) Community pages

10) Foundational developer docs

11) Ethereum stack developer docs

12) Whitepaper

13) Advanced developer docs

14) Additional Learn and general pages

15) Research documentation

16) Contributing

17) Developer tutorials 1

18) Developer tutorials 2

19) Developer tutorials 3

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Guna Ethereum

  • Cari dompet
  • Dapatkan ETH
  • Aplikasi tidak berpusat (dapps)
  • Layer 2
  • Jalankan nod
  • Stablecoins
  • Stake ETH


  • Hab komuniti
  • Yayasan Ethereum
  • Blog Yayasan Ethereum
  • Program Bantuan Ekosistem
  • Ethereum bug bounty program
  • Program Geran Ekosistem
  • Aset Jenama Ethereum
  • Devcon