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Adding design resources

Anybody can suggest new design materials to the Design and UX in web3 page.

Be aware that the focus of this page is on providing user value to aspiring web3 designers. The design section is not there to advertise your services, products, or platforms.

To ensure that we maintain a high standard of information and promote valuable insights, we have established a listing policy:

Research Studies and Dashboards

  1. Sound Methodology

a. The methodology should clearly define how the data was collected.

b. The number of participants involved in the research should be stated.

c. The research methods employed should be described.

  1. Relevance to Web3 Designers and Common Design Use Cases

a. The topic of the research should be relevant to web3 designers and address common design use cases.

  1. Focus on delivering insights

a. The primary objective of the text should be sharing insights rather than promoting a specific project or company.


  1. Relevance to Web3 Designers/Researchers and Common Web3 Design Use Cases

a. The topic of the article should be pertinent to web3 designers and researchers, focusing on common web3 design use cases.

  1. Basic Writing Quality

a. The article should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

b. Emphasis should be placed on delivering key insights and learnings.

c. The writing should be concise and to the point.

  1. Goal of the Text

a. The primary goal of the article should be sharing insights rather than promoting a particular project or company.

Communities / DAOs

  1. Website must clearly indicate how to join the DAO/Community

  2. Clear Benefits of Membership

a. The benefits of becoming a member should be prominently displayed.

Examples: receiving feedback on work, accessing job opportunities or bounties, sharing design and research insights.

  1. Active and Vibrant Communication on Discord

a. The Discord community should exhibit lively and engaged communication.

b. Moderators should be actively involved in maintaining the community and facilitating discussions.

c. The community should demonstrate a track record of valuable and productive conversations within the last two weeks.

By adhering to these criteria, we aim to foster a thriving and knowledge-sharing environment within our community. We believe that this white listing policy will ensure that our users have access to reliable, relevant, and insightful resources. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the quality of content within our platform.

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