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Contributing to ethereum.org 🦄

The ethereum.org website, like Ethereum more broadly, is an open-source project. So if you want to help improve our portal to Ethereum, here's how you can help out.

Claim your POAP token! If you contributed to ethereum.org in 2022, there's a unique POAP waiting for you. More on POAPs

Ways to contribute

Any questions? 🤔 Reach out on our Discord server(opens in a new tab)

How to work on ethereum.org

Whether you're adding to the site, creating content or working on open issues, you'll need a GitHub(opens in a new tab) account.

All updates are made via the GitHub PR process. This means you create a local copy of the website, make your changes and request to merge your changes. If you've never done this before, follow the instructions at the bottom of our GitHub repository(opens in a new tab).

You don't need permission to work on anything, but it's always best to let us know what you're planning to do. You can do this by:

Before contributing, make sure you're familiar with:

How decisions about the site are made

Decisions about individual PRs, design evolution and major upgrades are made by a team from across the Ethereum ecosystem. This team includes project managers, developers, designers, marketing and communications, and subject matter experts. Community input informs every decision: so please raise questions in issues, submit PRs, or contact the team:

A note on plagiarism

Only use your original work or content that you have permission to use when contributing any content or artifact to ethereum.org. Many projects within the Ethereum ecosystem use open-source licensing that allows for the free sharing of information. However, if you cannot find this information, do not attempt to add it to ethereum.org. Any pull requests deemed as plagiarism will get rejected.

New to open-source?

We have low barrier to entry issues on our GitHub repository specifically designed for developers who are new to open-source labelled good first issue(opens in a new tab).

Claim your contributor POAP

If your contribution gets merged into ethereum.org, we'll mint you a unique contributors POAP. A Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) token is on-chain proof that you helped make the ecosystem a little more awesome.

More on POAPs(opens in a new tab)

How to claim

  1. Join our Discord server(opens in a new tab).
  2. Paste a link to your contribution in the #🥇 | proof-of-contribution channel
  3. Wait for a member of our team to send you a link to your POAP.
  4. Claim your POAP!

You should only use self-custody wallets to claim POAPs. Do not use exchange accounts or other accounts you do not hold the private keys to, as these will not allow you to access and manage your POAPs.

Claim your GitPOAP

GitPOAP will also automatically recognize your merged contribution and let you mint a separate unique contributors POAP on their platform itself!

How to claim

  1. Visit GitPOAP(opens in a new tab).
  2. Connect with your wallet or even with your email through sign in option.
  3. Search for your GitHub username, ETH address, ENS names or any GitPOAP to check if you're eligible.
  4. If your GitHub account is eligible, then you would be able to mint a GitPOAP!


Thanks to our 1253 Ethereum community members who have contributed so far!

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