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या पृष्ठाचे भाषांतर करण्यात मदत करा


आपण हे पृष्ठ इंग्रजीमध्ये पहात आहात कारण आम्ही अद्याप ते अनुवादित केलेले नाही. आम्हाला या सामग्रीचे भाषांतर करण्यात मदत करा.

पृष्ठाचे भाषांतर करा

कोणत्याही बग्ज नाहीत!🐛

हे पृष्ठ अनुवादित केले जात नाही आहे. आम्ही हेतूपुरस्सर हे पृष्ठ आत्ता इंग्रजीमध्ये ठेवले आहे.

पृष्ठ अखेरचे अद्यतनित: २३ सप्टेंबर, २०२२

Translation Program

The Translation Program is a collaborative effort to translate into different languages in order to make the website more accessible to billions of non-English speakers around the world.

enterprise eth

Help us translate

The Translation Program is open and anyone can contribute!

  1. You will need to log in to your Crowdin account or sign up.
  2. Select the language you want to contribute to.
  3. Before starting, please check out the How to translate guide to learn how to use Crowdin, and the Translation Style Guide for tips and best practices.
  4. Machine translations will not be approved.
  5. All translations are reviewed before being added to the site, so there will be a short delay before your translations go live.
Start translating

About the Translation Program

The Ethereum community aims to be global and inclusive, yet much of its content only caters to English speakers, leaving out the world's 6 billion non-English speakers. For to act as the portal into Ethereum for the worldwide community, we believe providing non-English speakers with Ethereum content in their native languages is essential.

The Translation Program aims to make Ethereum accessible to everyone by translating and other Ethereum content into as many languages as possible.

Read more about the Translation Program mission and vision.

Our progress so far

If you want to get involved and help us grow the global Ethereum community by translating the website into your language, follow the steps below!

Check out our Translator Acknowledgements page, and claim your POAP token! If you translated in 2022, there's a unique POAP waiting for you. More on POAPs

What we're working on

Our community of contributors is actively translating multiple high-impact websites and resources for the global Ethereum community.

ethereum org screenshot is a key educational resource for the Ethereum community and is the primary focus of the Translation Program. Given the size, scope, and reach of the website, it's the most impactful site to translate and we recommend starting here!

Get involved:

Ethereum Staking Launchpad

launchpad screenshot

The Staking Launchpad enables Ethereum users to become validators and help secure the future of Ethereum by staking ETH.

Get involved:

Ethereum Foundation blog

blog screenshot

The Ethereum Foundation blog is the primary publication tool for many EF-supported teams and is the source of announcements, updates, reports, roundups, and other public communication for the Ethereum community.

Get involved:

Guides and resources

If you are contributing to the Translation Program or thinking about getting involved, you should check out the translation guides below:

For other useful translation tools, translator communities and Translation Program blog posts, please visit the Resources page.

Get in touch

Do you have any questions? Or want to collaborate with our team and other translators? Please post in the #translations channel of our Discord server

You can also reach out to us at

Starting your own translation program

We are dedicated to translating Ethereum content into as many languages as possible and making educational content available to everyone. In line with our focus on translations, we want to help other Ethereum projects organize, manage, and improve their own translation efforts.

For this reason, we have created a Translation Program playbook that contains some tips and best practices we have picked up in the process of translating

Want to collaborate further or use some of our translation resources? Have any feedback on the playbook? We would love to hear from you at

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