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Show of one city for fushure, wey dey reprisent ecosystem for Ethereum.

Welkom to Ethereum

Ethereum na di komunity-run technology wey dey ginger cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and plenty applications wey dem decentralize.

Play with Ethereum

Oya start na yor portal wey dey take yu enta Ethereum world. Di tech dey new and dey always evolve - im dey helep show pipol way. Dis na wetin we rekomend make yu do if yu wont enta am.
Wetin dey show pesin wey dey work for computer.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum na di technology wey be haus for digital money, world payments, and aplikashons. Di komunity don build betta digital ekonomy, bold new ways for kreator to dey make money online, and many more. Im open to evryone, anywia yu dey for di world - all yu need na internet.
What is Ethereum?Plenty on digital money
Wi dey show pesin wey dey look inside bazaar, wey supose reprisent Ethereum.

Financial system wey dey okay

Today, plenty pipol nor fit open bank akants, oda pipol don block oda pipol money. Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) system neva sleep abi do pashia. With one internet koneshon, yu fit send, kollet, borrow, chop betta interest, and even dey kollet money from anywia for dis life.
Wi dey show hands wey dey give ETH symbol.

Internet with different assets

Ethereum no be just for digital money oo. you fit trade anything wey you get if you put am as (NFTs). you fit turn your work to tokens and get money when dem resell am. Different things dey happen all the time.
Eth logo wey we dey use hologram show.

Internet wey open for evrybody

Today, wi gain access to 'fri' internet savis if wi surenda awa pesina data. Ethereum savis dey open to evrybody - yu just need one wallet. Dis na fri and izy way to set up, wey yu dey kontrol, and dey work without any pesina info.
Wi dey show one fushure komputer set up, wey Ethereum crystals dey run.
Code eksampols
Yor own bank
You fit build bank wey dey run by logik wey yu don program.
Yor own kurrency
Yu fit kreat tokens wey you fit transfa and dey yus akross aplikashons.
Javascript Ethereum wallet
Yu fit yus di language wey exist to mix with Ethereum and oda aplikashons.
Open, pamishonless DNS
You fit imajin di savis wey wey dey exist again as decentralize, open aplikashons.

One new frontia for divelopment

Ethereum and im apps dey klear and dey open sourse. Yu fit fork code and yus di funshonality wey odas don already build. If yu nor wont learn new language yu fit just mix with open source code with Javascript and oda languages wey dey exist.

Ethereum today

Di latest netwok statistics

ETH price (USD)

Di lastest price for 1 ether. Yu fit buy as small as 0.000000000000000001 - yu nor need buy di komplete 1 ETH.


Today transactions

Di numba of transashons wey dem don succesfully process for di network for di past 24 hours.


Value wey dem lock inside DeFi (USD)

Di money for decentralized finance (Defi) aplikashons, di Ethereum digital ekonomy.



Na plenty Volunteers around di world dey run Ethereum, wi dem dey koll nodes.