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Wetin bi ether (ETH)?

Na kurensy for awa digita fushure

ETH na digital, global money.

Na di kurensy of Ethereum apps.

Kurrent ETH price (USD)

(Last 24 awas)
Illustrashon of grup of pipol wey dey look ether (ETH) glyph in suprise

ETH na cryptocurrency. Na scarce digita moni wey yu fit yus for di intanet - similar to Bitcoin. If yu dey new to crypto, here na hau ETH dey diferen from tradishonal moni.

Na yor own for real

ETH make yu bi yor own bank. Yu get pawa to kontrol yor own funds wit yor wallet as pruf sey na yu own am – third parties nor dey necessary.

Dey sikure by cryptography

Money wey dey for intanet fit new but e dey sikure by cryptography dem pruf. Dis dey protet yor wallet, yor ETH, and yor transakshon.

Peer-to-peer payments

Yu fit send yor ETH witout any middol savis like one bank. E bi like yu dey give kash to pesin, but yu nor fit do am sikurely wit anyone, anywia, anytaim.

Sentralized kontrol nor dey

ETH na desentralize and dey global. Nor kompany abi bank dey wey fit deside to print more ETH, abi shange di tams of yus.

Open to anyone

Na only intanet koneshon and wallet wey yu nid to asept ETH. Nor nid dey to get asess to bank akant to asept payments.

Im dey afailabol for flexibol amount

Yu fit divide ETH up to 18 desimal plase so yu nor nid buy 1 whole ETH. Yu fit buy frakshon for one taim - as litol as 0.000000000000000001 ETH if yu wont.

Una wont buy Ethereum? Na komon tin to mix Ethereum and ETH. Ethereum na di blockchain and ETH na di primary asset of Ethereum. Wetin yu dey look for to buy na ETH. Plenti on Ethereum.

Wetin dey unik about ETH?

Many cryptocurrencies and plenti of oda tokens dey on top of Ethereum, but many tins dey wey bi sey na only ETH fit do am.

ETH na fuels and im dey sikure Ethereum

ETH na di lifeblood of Ethereum. Wen yu send ETH abi yus Ethereum aplikashon, yu go pay one fee in ETH to yus di Ethereum network. Dis fee na insentive for one block produsa to prosess and verify wetin yu dey try do.

Validators bi like pipol wey dey kip rekod for Ethereum-dem dey shek and pruf dat nor one dey cheat. Dem dey select randomly to propose block of transakshons. Validators wey dey dis kain work dey risiv riwod wit litol amounts of new ETH wi just bring out.

Di wok validators dey do, and di kapital dey stake, dey kips Ethereum sikure and dey fri of sentralize kontrol. ETH dey make Ethereum run.

Wen yu stake yor ETH, yu dey helep sikure Ethereum and dey earn riwods. In dis system, di fear of luzin ETH deters attakas. More on stakin

ETH dey underpins di Ethereum finanshial system

Nor satisfy wit payments, di Ethereum komunity dey build whole finanshial system wey bi peer-to-peer and everyone fit asess am.

Yu fit yus ETH as kolateral to generate entaya difren cryptocurrency tokens on Ethereum. Plus yu fit borow, lend and earn interest on ETH and oda tokens wey ETH dey bak.

Wrapped ether (WETH) is used to extend the functionality of ETH to work with other tokens and applications. Learn more about WETH.

Yus for ETH dey grow evry day

Bikos pesin fit program Ethereum, divelopas fit shape ETH in many ways.

Bak in 2015, tins yu fit do na to send ETH from one Ethereum akant to anoda. Here na some of tins yu fit do today.

Why ETH get value?

ETH's get value for many ways to difren pipol.

For users of Ethereum, ETH dey valuabol bikos im dey mak yu pay transakshon fees.

Odas si am as a digital store of value bikos di kreashon of new ETH dey slows ova taim.

For risent taim, ETH don bikom valuabol to users of finanshial apps on Ethereum. E dey hapun bikos yu fit yus ETH as kolateral for crypto loans, abi as one payment system.

Of kourse plenti pipol also si am as an investment, wey dey side by side to Bitcoin abi oda cryptocurrencies.

ETH nor bi di only crypto wey dey on top Ethereum

Anyone fit kreate new kain assets and trade dem on Ethereum. Wi sabi dis as 'tokens'. Pipol don do token for tradishonal kurrensis, dia real estate, dia art, and even demsefs!

Ethereum na home to plenti tokens – some dey yusful and get value pass odas. Divelopas dey build new tokens konstant wey don unlok new posibilitis and dey open new markets.

More for tokens and dia yus

Type of token wey popula


Tokens wey dey mirror di value of tradishonal kurensy like dollars. Dis dey solves di volatility palava wit plenti cryptocurrencies.

Gofanans tokens

Tokens wey dey reprisent votin pawa for desentralize organizashons.

Sh*t koins

Bikos to dey make new tokens dey izy, anyone fit do am - even pipol wey get bad abi get misguide intenshons. Dey always do yor risearsh bifor yu go yus dem!

Kolectibol tokens

Tokens wey reprisent one colectibol game item, piece of digital art, abi oda unik assests. Comonly sabi as non fungibol tokens (NFTs).

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