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Last time wey dem update this page: 2 Jun 2023

Ethereum guides

Do you want to start your Ethereum journey? Ethereum is not a corporation with a script-bound helpdesk, but these practical guides will help you learn how to get started.

Getting started

  1. How to "create" an Ethereum account - Anyone can create a wallet for free. This guide will show you where to begin.

  2. How to use a wallet - An introduction to the basic features of any wallet and how to use them.

Security basics

  1. How to revoke smart contract access to your crypto funds - If you suddenly see a transaction in your wallet that you did not initiate, this guide will teach you how to prevent that from happening again.

Using Ethereum

  1. How to bridge tokens to layer 2 - Are Ethereum transactions too costly? Consider moving to Ethereum scaling solutions called layer 2s.

  2. How to swap tokens - Do you want to exchange your tokens for a different one? This simple guide will show you how to do that.

Decentralized Thinking Skills

Once you've got a wallet and have used a few of its features, you can understand more about Ethereum by asking, "why does this matter?" What makes money valuable if no-one controls it? What is trust? Does this contribute to freedom? What kinds of new governance and organizational structures does Ethereum enable? These questions, and more, are explored freely in communities like Kernel(opens in a new tab).

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