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Run node

Take full kontrol.
Run yur own node.

Become fully sovereign as you dey help secure di network. Become Ethereum.

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Wetine mean to "run a node"?

Run software.

Known as a 'client', this software downloads a copy of di Ethereum blockchain nd verifies di validity of every block, den keeps it up-to-date wit new blocks nd transakshions, nd helpf odas download nd update dem own copies.

Wit hardware.

Ethereum dey designed tu run on average konsuma-grade komputas. Yu fit dey yus any personal komputa, but most users dey do make dem node run on dedicated hardware tu eliminate di performance impact on dem machine nd minimize node downtime.

While e dey online.

Tu dey run an Ethereum node fit dey sound complicated at fes, but the thing na just to dey continously run client software on a komputa as e dey connected tu di internet. As e dey online, yur node go simply dey inactive until e come back online nd catches up wit di latest changes.

Whosuppose run a node?

Evryone! Nodes no just dey for proof-of-stake validators.Anyonefit run a node - you no even need ETH.

Yu nor nid to stake ETH to run a node. In fact, na every oda node on Ethereum wey dey hold validators akantable.

Yu fit no get di financial rewards wey validators dey earn, but dem dey many oda benefits of running a node for any Ethereum user tu consida, including privacy, security. reduced reliance on third-party servers, censorship resistance nd improved health nd decentralization of di network.

To dey get yur own node mean say you no need to trust information about di state of di network wey dem provide by third party.

Yu no trust. Verify.

Why yu suppose run a node?

To start am

In di earlier days of di network, users bin need get di ability to interface wit di command-line in oda tu operate an Ethereum node.

If dis na yur preference, nd yu don get di skills, feel free tu check out our teknical docs.

Come power an Ethereum node

Now we get DAppNode, wey be fre nd open-source software wey dey give users anapp-like experience as dem dey manage dem node.

Just tap one or two yu fit do make yur node dey up and running.

DAppNode dey make am easy for users tu run full nodes, as well as dapps nd oda P2P networks, wey need no dey to dey touch di command-line. E dey make am easier for everyone tu participate nd create a more decentralized network.

Choose your adventure

Yu go nid some hardwar make yu start. Although you fit run node software ontop your personal computer, if you get dedicated machine, e fit enhance your node performance and e go minimize the impact on top your computer.

Wen yu dey select hardware, make you consider the chain if e dey grow, and the maintenance e go need. if you increase the specs, e fit delay any need for node maintenance.

Buy fully loaded

Order plug and play options from vendores for the simplest onboarding experience.

  • Yu no nid any building.
  • Setup app with GUI.
  • You no need command line.
Shop DAppNode(opens in a new tab)Shop Avado(opens in a new tab)

Build ya own

Cheap and customizable options wey dey for more technical users.

  • Source your own parts.
  • Install DAppNode.
  • Or, make you choose your own OS and clients.

Build ya own

Step 1 - Hardware

Minimum specs

Di one wey wi rekomend

  • Intel NUC, 7th gen abi the one wey high pass this

    x86 processor

  • Wired internet connnection

    E no dey required but e dey provide easiy setup and consistent conenection

  • Diplay screen and keyboard

    Unless you dey use DAppNode, abu ssh/headless setup

Step 2 - Software

Option 1 - DAppNode

When you don ready with your hardware, dem fit download the DAppNode Operating system on any computer and install am inside fresh ssd with usb drive.

Option 2 - Command line

For maximum control, experiences users fit prefer make dem use the command line instead.

See our developer docs wey contain more information about getting started with client selection.

Command line setup

Find some helpers

Online patforms like Discord and reddit na home to a large number of community builders wey dey willing to help you with any questions you fit encounter.

No go do am alone. If you get question, e dey sure say person for here fit help you answer am.

Stake your ETH

Although dem no require am with node wey dey run, you dey one step close make you stake your ETH use collect rewards and help contribut to different component of ethereum security.

Yu dey plan on staking?

Tu maximize di efficiency of yur validator, a minimum of 16GB RAM dey recommended, but 32GB dey better, wit a CPU benchmark score of 6667+ in a new tab).E dey also recommended dat stakers get access tu unlimited high-speed intanet bandwidth, though dis no be absolute requirement.

EthStaker bin go into more detail in dis hour long special - How tu shop for Ethereum validator hardware(opens in a new tab)

A note on Raspberry Pi (ARM processor)

Pasphberry Pis na lightweight and computers wey dey affordable, but theem get limitation wey fit impact the performance of our node. Though dem no recommend am for staking and these fit be anoda options wey you fit take run noce for personal use, with as low as 4GB 08GB of RAM.

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