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Dapps - Disentralized aplikashons

Ethereum-powered tools and sarvis

Dapps na growing movement of aplikashons wey dey yus Ethereum to distub biznes models abi invent new ones.

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Wi dey show pesin wey dey yus komputa

Oya start

To try dapp, yu go nid get wallet and some ETH. A wallet dey alow yu to konet, abi log in. And yu go nid ETH to pay any transakshon fees.

1. Mak yu get ETH

Dapp akshon dey kost trasacshon fee

2. Set up a wallet

Wallet na yor "login" for a dapp

3. Ready?

Shuse one dapp to try out

Beginner friendly

A few dapps that are good for beginners. Explore more dapps below.

Uniswap logo


Swap yor tokens wit ease. Na komunity padi wey go fit alow yu trade tokens wit pipol all ova di network.

Open Uniswap(opens in a new tab)
OpenSea logo


Yu fit buy, sell, diskova, and trade goods wey get limited edishons.

Open OpenSea(opens in a new tab)
Gods Unchained logo

Gods Unchained

Stratejik kard game wey dem fit trade. Yu fit chop kards by playin di game, and yu fit sell dis kards for real moni.

Open Gods Unchained(opens in a new tab)
Ethereum Name Savis Logo

Ethereum Name Service

User-friendly names wey dey for Ethereum deu address and desentralize sites.

Open Ethereum Name Service(opens in a new tab)

Search dapps

Plenti dapps still dey experimental as dem dey test di possibilitis wey desentralized networks fit offa. But some dapps don already make am for arias like teknology, finans, gaming, and colectibols.

Shuse category

Decentralized finans

These na aplikashons wey dey fokus on buildin out finanshial sarvis as yu dey yus cryptocurrencies. Dem dey offa d likes of lending, borrowing, earning interest, and private payments - yu nor rikwaya pesina data.

Always do yor own risearsh

Ethereum na new teknologi and aplikashons wey new pass. Bifor yu deposit any big kwontity of moni, make sure yu undastand di risks.

Lending and borrowing

  • Aave logo
    Lend yor tokens make yu earn interest and withdraw any taim.
    Goto Aave website(opens in a new tab)
  • Komunity logo
    Lend yor tokens make yu earn interest and withdraw any taim.
    Goto Compound website(opens in a new tab)
  • logo
    Trade, borrow, and save with Dai, an Ethereum stablecoin.
    Goto website(opens in a new tab)
  • PWN logo
    Izy loans wey dey backed by any token abi NFTs on Ethereum.
    Goto PWN website(opens in a new tab)
  • Yearn logo
    Yearn Finans na yield aggregator. E dey give individuals, DAOs and oda protokol a way to deposit digital assets and risiv yield.
    Goto Yearn website(opens in a new tab)
  • Convex logo
    Covex dey alow Curve liquidity providas to earn tradin fees and klaim boosted CRV witout to dey lock dem CRV.
    Goto Convex website(opens in a new tab)

Token swaps

Demand aggregators








Liquid staking

Market for tradin and predishon

Di magik bihind decentralize finans

Wetin dey about Ethereum wey dey alow decentralize finans aplikashons to thrive?

Asess dey Open

Finanshia sarvis wey dey run on Ethereum nor get sign up rikwayament. If yu get funds and intanet koneshon, yu dey good to go.

Ekonomy wit new token

E get whole world of tokens wey yu fit play wit for dis finanshial products. Pipol dey build new tokens on top of Ethereum all di taim.


Teams don build stabolcoins - na less volatile cryptocurrency. E dey alow yu try and yus crypto witout di risk and wahala.

Intakoneted finanshial sarvis

Finanshial produts wey dey di Ethereum space dey all modular and kompatibol wit one anoda. New konfigurashons wey dey dis modules dey hit di market all di taim, e dey inkrease wetin yu fit do wit yor crypto.

Illustrashon of majishians

Di magik wey dey bihind dapps

Dapps fit dey like regular apps. But bihind wetin yu nor dey si dem get some speshial kwolitis bikos dem inherit all of Ethereum's supapawas. Si wetin dey make dapps difren from apps.

Wetin dey makes Ethereum great?

Ownas nor dey

Wons dem deploy dapp kode to Ethereum, dem nor fit rimuv am again. Anybody fit yus di features of di dapp. Even if di team wey kreate di dapp skatta, yu still fit yus am. Wons im dey on Ethereum, im nor dey komot.

Free from censorship

Payments wey dey built-in

Plug and play

One koded login

Backed by cryptography

Down taim nor dey

How dapps dey work

Dapps get dem backend code (smart contracts) wey dey run on a decentralized network and nor bi one centralize server. Dem dey yus di Ethereum blockchain for data storage and smart contracts for dem app logik.

One smart contract na like set of rules wey dey live on-chain for all tu see and run exactly akordin to doz rules. Imagin one vending machine: if yu supply am wit enuf funds and di rite seleshon, yu go get di item yu wont. And like vending machines, smart contracts fit hold funds like yor Ethereum akant. Dis dey alow kode to mediate agriments and transakshon.

Wons dapps don dey for di Ethereum network yu nor fit shange dem. Dapps fit dey decentralized bikos na logik dey control wey dem write into di contract, nor bi individual abi kompany.

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