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Adding wallets

We want to make sure we show a variety of wallets covering the feature-rich landscape of wallets so that users can navigate Ethereum in a confident manner.

Anyone is free to suggest adding a wallet on If there's a wallet that we have missed, please suggest it!

Wallets are currently listed on:


Wallets are rapidly changing in Ethereum. We've tried to create a fair framework for consideration on but the listing criteria will change and evolve over time.

The decision framework

Criteria for inclusion: the must-haves

  • A security-tested product - whether through audit, an internal security team, open sourced coded, or some other method, your wallet's security must be reliable. This reduces the risk to our users and shows us that you take security seriously.
  • A wallet that has been “live” for over six months OR released by a group with a reputable track record - this is another indication of security. Six months is a good time frame for critical bugs and exploitations to have been found. We ask six months to help filter out forks that are quickly abandoned as projects.
  • Worked on by an active team - this helps to ensure quality and that a user will get support for their queries.
  • Honest and accurate listing information - it is expected that any suggested listings from projects come with honest and accurate information. Products that falsify listing information, such as declaring your product is “open source” when it is not, will be removed.
  • Point of contact - A point of contact for the wallet will greatly help us get accurate information when changes are made. This will keep updating manageable when gathering future information.
  • EIP-1559 (type 2) transactions - your wallet must support EIP-1559 (type 2) transactions for transactions on Mainnet Ethereum.
  • Good user experience - While UX is subjective, if several core team members test the product and find it difficult to use, we reserve the right to reject the wallet and will instead provide useful suggestions to improve. This is done to protect our user base that is mostly comprised of beginners.

Product removals

  • Updated information - Wallet providers are responsible for resubmitting their wallet information every 6 months to ensure validity and relevance of provided information (even if there are no changes to their product). If the product team fails to do so, may remove the project from the page.

Other criteria: the nice-to-haves

  • Globally accessible - your wallet doesn’t have geographic limitations or KYC requirements that exclude certain people from accessing your service.
  • Available in multiple languages - your wallet is translated into multiple languages allowing users around the world to access it.
  • Open source - your whole project’s codebase (not just modules) should be accessible and you should accept PR’s from the wider community.
  • Non-custodial - users control their funds. If your product disappears, users can still access and move their funds.
  • Hardware wallet support - users can connect their hardware wallet to sign transactions.
  • WalletConnect - users can connect to dapps using WalletConnect.
  • Importing Ethereum RPC endpoints - users can import node RPC data, allowing them to connect to a node of their choice, or other EVM compatible networks.
  • NFTs - users are able to view and interact with their NFTs in the wallet.
  • Connect to Ethereum applications - users are able to connect to and use Ethereum applications.
  • Staking - users are able to stake directly through the wallet.
  • Swaps - users are able to swap tokens through the wallet.
  • Multichain networks - your wallet supports users accessing multiple blockchain networks by default.
  • Layer 2 networks - your wallet supports users accessing layer 2 networks by default.
  • Customize gas fees - your wallet allows users to customize their transaction gas fees (base fee, priority fee, max fee).
  • ENS support - your wallet allows users to send transactions to ENS names.
  • ERC-20 support - your wallet allows users to import ERC-20 token contracts, or automatically queries and displays ERC-20 tokens.
  • Buy crypto - your wallet supports users directly purchasing and onboarding to crypto.
  • Sell for fiat - your wallet supports users selling and withdrawing to fiat directly to card or a bank account.
  • Multisig - your wallet supports multiple signatures to sign a transaction.
  • Social recovery - your wallet supports guardians and a user can recover their wallet if they lose their seed phrase using these guardians.
  • Dedicated support team - your wallet has a dedicated support team where users can go to when experiencing issues.
  • Educational resources/documentation - your product should have a well-designed onboarding experience to help and educate users. Or evidence of how-to content like articles or videos.

Adding a wallet

If you want to add a wallet to, create an issue on GitHub.

Create an issue(opens in a new tab)


As is the fluid nature of Ethereum, teams and products come and go and innovation happens daily, so we'll undertake routine checks of our content to:

  • ensure that all wallets and dapps listed still fulfil our criteria
  • verify there aren't products that have been suggested that meet more of our criteria than the ones currently listed is maintained by the open source community & we rely on the community to help keep this up to date. If you notice any information about listed wallets that needs to be updated, please open an issue(opens in a new tab) or pull request(opens in a new tab)!

Terms of use

Please also refer to our terms of use. Information on is provided solely for general information purposes.

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