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Ethereum developer resources

Manual for pipol wey dey build for Ethereum. Na builders do am for builders.

How you go like wan start?


Sabi Ethereum building

Go read about d main idea and Ethereum stack for our doc

Make you read the documents. E go help you understand wetin you suppose do

Sabi am from lesson

Come, make wi tish yu hau yu fit learn to dey build programs. Na pesin wey sabi go dey tish yu.

You fit watch how we dey do am here

Begin the practical

I wan practice first, question me later?

You fit dey play with code. you go tell am wetin you want and e go do am

Set up yor local level

Prepare your profile for building by setting a building area.

Shuse your stack - enta yor stack

Tori on dis divelopa risorsis dey here to assist you build with Ethereum with documentation on top basic concepts and also the development stack. Plus tutorials dey plenty wey go help you dey ready to start and dey go.

As we dey find inspiration from Mozilla Developer Network, we come rizin say Ethereum nid one place wey go fit hold better divelopa tori and resources. Just like our pipol for Mozilla, evrytin wey dey here na open-source and e ready for you to add yor own touch and make am betta.

Yu fit reach out to us on Discord or GitHub. Wi go ansa yu. Make you join Discord(opens in a new tab)

Search di dokument


Tori about Ethereum

Tell una about blockchain and Ethereum

Intro to Ether

To tell una about cryptocurrency and Ether

Tori about dapps

To tell una about decentralized application

Tori about stack

To tell Una about Ethereum stack

Web2 vs web3

How the development take different for the web3 world

Plenty computer language

Yus Ethereum wit plenti language wey resembol am

Doge using dapps

Di fundamentas


Contracts abi pipol wey dey inside the network


The way ethereum state dey change

Block searcher

Batches of transactions wey dem add for inside blockchain

D Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)

Computer wey dey process transakshon


Ether wey go nid to pawa transakshon

Nodes - na him dey run the blockchain clients - his work na to dey check wetin dey sup

How to Dey sure about block and transaction for network


General idea for Mainnet and test network


Hau den take dey create new block and proof-of-work helep us reach agreement

Mining algorithm

Tori on Ethereum mining algorithms

Di profile

Smart contracts

The logic wey dey behind dapps wey dey sef execute agreement

Building container

Things wey go make d building dey fast

JavaScript storage room

Make we use JavaScript to relate with smart contract

Backend APIs

Using libraries take yan with smart contracts

Block searchers

Your entrance to Ethereum data

Smart contract security

Things to check out for wen you Dey build smart contract


How we go handle dapp storage

Building areas

IDEs wey dey better for dapp building

Waya Pass

Token stadards

See the accepted token standards

Maximal extractable value (MEV)

An introduction to maximal extractable value (MEV)

Oracles - na him dey konet the blockchain to di real world. Yu fit ask am for infomashon wia yu go dey ask for yor kode. Yu fit ask am wetin dey sup with the weather abi wetin be the price of somtin

Get off-chain data inside your smart contract


Ansa for fast transakshon

Networking Layer

Introduction to Ethereum networking layer

Data structure and encoding

Introduction to data structure and encoding schema used in Ethereum stack

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