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Make yu get ETH hero imaj

Wia yu go buy ETH

Yu fit buy ETH from ekshanjis abi from wallets diret.

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Sentralize ekshanj

Ekshanj na biznes wey go alow yu buy crypto wit normal money. Dem get pawa on top any ETH wey yu buy ontil yu send am go yor own wallet.

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Earn ETH

You can earn ETH by working for DAOs or companies that pay in crypto, winning bounties, finding software bugs and more.

Learn about DAOs

Receive ETH from your peers

Once you have an Ethereum account, all you need to do is share your address to start sending and receiving ETH (and other tokens) peer-to-peer.

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Desentralize ekshanj (DEXs)

If yu wont dey kontrol, make yu buy ETH peer to peer. Wit DEX yu fit trade am and yu nor go give any kompany yor money.

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Some wallet fit alow yu buy crypto wit yor debit/credit kard, even bank transfer abi Apple Pay. Im dipend on wia yu dey live.

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Staking rewards

If you already have some ETH, you can earn more by running a validator node. You get paid for doing this verification work in ETH.

Learn more about staking

All produt wey dem list for dis page nor get ofishia stamp, and don provide for infomashon pupose only. If yu wont add one produt abi provide feedbak for di policy make yu raise issue in GitHub. Raise issue(opens in a new tab)

Yu dey new to ETH? Here na wetin fit make yu stat. Wetin bi ETH?

Wich kountry you dey stay?

Ekshanjis and wallets get som place wia dem fit sell crypto.

Type wia yu dey live...

Enta di kountry wey yu dey stay to si one list of wallets and ekshanjis wey yu fit yus buy ETH

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

Wetin bi DEXs?

Desentralize ekshanj na open market for ETH and oda tokens. Dem dey konet buyers and sellers straight.

Insted make yu yus anoda pesin to safeguard funds on top yor transakshons, dem dey yus kode. De seller ETH go komot wen de payment don konfam. Na dis kain kode dem dey koll smart kontract. More on smart kontracts

E mean say dem nor dey look yor lokashon. If pesin dey sell wetin yu wont buy and dem fit kolet money wey yu fit pay, una go run di transakshon. DEXs fit let yu buy ETH wit oda tokens, Papal abi even if na kash you hold.

Yu go nid wallet to yus one DEX.

Make yu get one wallet

Make yu buy wit oda crypto

Swap yor tokens for anoda pesin ETH. And vice versa.

Dis DEXs nor bi for beginnas as yu go nid some ETH to yus dem.

Make yu kip yor ETH safe

Komunity posts on sekurity

Gofament of kompany nor dey kontrol Ethereum abi ETH - dem dey desentralize. E mean say ETH's dey open for evryone to yus.

But e mean say yu gat take di sekurity of yor money sirios. Wit ETH, yu nor dey trust bank to helep yu look afta yor money, na yorsef yu go trust.

Protet yor ETH inside wallet

If yu get plan to buy plenty ETH yu go wont kip am for wallet wey yu get kontrol ova, nor bi ekshanj. Bikos hackers dey target ekshanj. If dem enta, yu fit luz yor money. But na only yu get kontrol of yor wallet.

Make yu shek out wallets

Yor ETH address

Wen yu download wallet, e go kreate publik ETH address for yu. Si hau dis go look like:


Eksampol: Nor kopy am

Rizin am like yu email address, but insted make yu risiv mail, yu go risiv ETH. If yu wan transfa ETH from ekshanj to yor wallet, yus yor address as di destinashon. Make sure say yu shek am wella bifor yu send am o!

Folow wallet instrushon

If yu luz asess to yor wallet, yu go luz all yor money. Yor wallet supose to give yu instrukshon on hau yu fit take afoid dis. Make sure say yu folow doz instrukshons well -- norbody gor fit helep yu if yu luz asess to yor wallet.

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