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Digital money wey yu fit yus evryday

Stabolcoins na coins wey dey built ontop Ethereum, wey dem design make dem dey one fixed price, even if de price of ETH shange dem nor go shange price.

Di three stabolcoins wey big pass by hau much wey pipol don by na: Dai, USDC, and Tether.

Why stabolcoins?

Stabolcoins na cryptocurrencies wey nor dey fluntuate. Dem shia plenti same powers as ETH, but dia value dey stabol, e be like traditional currency. So yu go get asess to money wey dey stabol wey yu fit yus for Ethereum. Hau stabolcoins dey take get dem stabol price


Stabolcoins dey global, and dem fit send am ova di intanet. Dem izy to risiv abi send wons yu get Ethereum akant.


Dimand for stabolcoins dey high, so yu fit earn interest if yu lend yors. Make sure say yu sabi di risks bifor yu lend.


Dimand for stabolcoins dey high, so yu fit earn interest if yu lend yors. Make sure sey yu sabi di risks bifor yu lend.


Stabolcoins dey sikure by cryptography. Norbody fit forge transakshons on yor behalf.


Di Bitcoin pizza wey nor popula

For 2010, one pesin buy 2 pizza for 10,000 bitcoin. For dat taim, di 10,000 worth ~$41 USD. For tuday's market, e dey worth millions of dollars. E get plenti similar transakshons wey pipol rigret for Ethereum's history too. Stabolcoins find solushon to all dis palava, wit stabolcoins yu go fit chop yor pizza and hold yor ETH witout regreting anytin later.

Look for one stabolcoin

E reach hundreds of stabolcoins wey dey afailabol. Here na some wey go fit helep yu start. If yu bi biginna for Ethereum, wi go rekomend make yu do some risearsh first.

Editors' choices

For nau, dis ones probably be di eksampols of stabolcoins wey dem sabi wella and di coins wi don find yusful as wi dey yus dapps.


Dai fit bi di decentralize stabolcoin wey popula pass. E value na like one dollar and dem dey asept am well well for dapps.

Convert ETH for Dai(opens in a new tab)
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Di logo for Dai


USDC na probably di fiat-backed stabolcoin wey popula pass. Im value na like one dollar and e dey backed by Cirkol and Coinbase.

DiUSDC logo

Top stabolcoins by market kapitalizashon

Market kapitalizashon na di total numba of tokens wey dey exist multiplied by di value per token. Dis list dey shange and di projects wey dem list here nor mean sey di team go endorse dem.

CurrencyKapitalizashon for marketType for kollateral
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PAX Gold
Metals wey dey preshios
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Hau to take get stabolcoins

Save wit stabolcoins

Stabolcoins dey mostly get interest rate wey dey above averaj evrytaim bikos many pipol dey dimand to borow dem. Some dapps dey wey yu fit yus yor stabolcoins earn interest by putting yor coins inside one place wey pipol go fit borow am, and you go dey earn interest for yor stabolcoins instanta as you deposit dem inside the place. Just like hau e dey for banks, yu dey supply coins for pipol wey wont borow but yu fit withdraw yor coins and yor interest at any taim wey yu wont.

Intrest-earnin for dapps

Put yor stabolcoin savings for good yus to take earn some interest. Just like hau evrytin dey for crypto, the predicted Annual Percentage Yields (APY) (which means: hau much yu go dey earn wit yor coins per year) fit shange day-to-day based on the real-time supply and dimand.



Di averaj rate wey banks dey pay for basik, federally insured savings accounts, for USA. Source(opens in a new tab)

Always do yor own risearsh

Ethereum na new teknology and most of di aplikashons dey new. Make sure say yu sabi di risk wey dey dia wella and make yu only deposit wetin yu fit afford to luz.

Hau dem dey work: types of stabolcoin


Backed by fiat

Basikaly, e bi like one IOU (I owe yu) for tradishonal fiat kurensy (mostly dollars). Yu fit yus yor fiat kurensy buy one stabolcoin wey yu fit later cash-out and turn am to yor original kurensy.


  • E dey safe against crypto price flunctuashon.
  • Shangis for price nor dey too much.


  • Sentralized - sombody supose issue di tokens.
  • E dey rikwaya to dey audit to make sure sey di kompany get enuf risav.

Project example

  • USDC(opens in a new tab)
  • TrueUSD(opens in a new tab)

Wey crypto dey back


Metals wey dey preshios



Find plenty tori about stabolcoins

Dashboards & Education

  • offa one dashboard wey get historical market data, statistics, and edukashonal kontent for dem most prominent stabolcoins.
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