Dapp Development Frameworks

Sam Richards
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Introduction to frameworks

Building a full-fledged dapp requires different pieces of technology. Software frameworks include many of the needed features or provide easy plugin systems to pick the tools you desire.

Frameworks come with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality, like:

  • Features to spin up a local blockchain instance.
  • Utilities to compile and test your smart contracts.
  • Client development add-ons to build your user-facing application within the same project/repository.
  • Configuration to connect to Ethereum networks and deploy contracts, whether to a locally running instance, or one of Ethereum's public networks.
  • Decentralized app distribution - integrations with storage options like IPFS.


Before diving into frameworks, we recommend you first read through our introduction to dapps and the Ethereum stack.

Available frameworks

Truffle - A development environment, testing framework, build pipeline, and other tools.

Embark - A development environment, testing framework, and other tools integrated with Ethereum, IPFS, and Whisper.

Epirus - A platform for developing, deploying and monitoring blockchain applications on the JVM

Etherlime - Ethers.js based framework for dapp development (Solidity & Vyper), deployment, debugging, testing and more.

Buidler - A task runner for Ethereum smart contract developers.

OpenZeppelin SDK - The Ultimate Smart Contract Toolkit: A suite of tools to help you develop, compile, upgrade, deploy and interact with smart contracts.

Brownie - Python-based development environment and testing framework.

Create Eth App - Create Ethereum-powered apps with one command. Comes with a wide offerring of UI frameworks and DeFi templates to choose from.

scaffold-eth - Buidler + Create Eth App: everything you need to get started building decentralized applications powered by smart contracts.

The Graph - The Graph for querying blockchain data efficiently

Further reading

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