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Design contribution to ethereum.org

Design is a critical component of any project, and by devoting your time and design skills to ethereum.org, you can help to improve the user experience for our visitors. Contributing to an open-source project provides an opportunity to gain relevant experience and develop your skills in a collaborative environment. You will have the chance to work with other designers, developers, and community members, all of whom will have their own unique perspectives and insights.

Ultimately, this is a great way to build a diverse and impressive portfolio that showcases your design skills.

How to contribute?

 Provide feedback on early design prototypes

We sometimes need a help testing our raw ideas. This is a great way how to contribute without any technical knowledge.

  1. The design team will share a mockup design on Discord(opens in a new tab) and on GitHub(opens in a new tab).
  2. You will be guided through the designs to provide feedback via comments function.
  3. The outcome will be shared in the GitHub issue and then closed by the team.

 Participate in survey research

Provide feedback on our website by:

  1. Visiting ethereum.org and reading through pages.
  2. Clicking on the feedback widget at the bottom right corner and answering design and content-related questions.
  3. Focus on the free format questions.

 Find design related issues on the website and report them

ethereum.org is a fast growing website with many features and content. Some of the UI can easily become obsolete or could be improved. If you encounter any such instance, please report it so that it gets our attention.

  1. Go through the website and pay attention to its design.
  2. Take screenshots and notes if you see any visual or UX issues.
  3. Report the found issues using a bug report(opens in a new tab).

 Propose design changes

If you feel comfortable taking on design challenges, you can visit our GitHub issues board and filter for design-related issues(opens in a new tab).

  1. Go through our website and pay attention to its design or go to our GitHub repository and review issues flagged with the “Design required” tag(opens in a new tab).
  2. Ideate on the solution and design it. (ideally using our design system(opens in a new tab)).
  3. Propose the solution in the corresponding GitHub issue or create a new one.(opens in a new tab)
  4. Wait for the design team to review.

 Build Design System together

Our design system makes designing ethereum.org fun and easy. If you are an experienced designer, you can help us prepare many components for the website.

  1. Select an issue to work on from design system board(opens in a new tab) on GitHub or create a new one.
  2. Request the selected issue to be assigned to you.
  3. Start designing the requested component in Figma.
  4. Share it with the design team on GitHub once you need review or guidance.
  5. The design team will review.
  6. The design team will incorporate the changes in the main file and publish the file to the community.

 Write design-related content on the website

The Ethereum developer community is strong, but the design community is falling slightly behind. If you are a designer with web3 knowledge, please consider sharing your learnings with the larger community so that we can all grow and improve together; we have a page on designing for Ethereum you can contribute to. You can also check our listing policies.

  1. Ideate on design topics that should be covered on ethereum.org and would be beneficial for the designers in the space.
  2. Go to our GitHub repository and raise an issue(opens in a new tab) proposing a topic (do not write the content yet).
  3. Wait for the design team to approve.
  4. Once approved, write the content.
  5. Submit it in the corresponding GitHub issue.

 Draw new illustrations

Visualisations are one of the most powerful tools to explain abstract topics. There is an enormous potential by adding diagrams and infographics. After all, one image can say thousand words.

  1. Go to our website and see pages where some new infographics could be added.
  2. Make sure that the illustration style corresponds to our assets.
  3. Go to our GitHub repository and raise an issue(opens in a new tab) proposing the illustration.
  4. The design team will review it.
  5. We create a new issue to ask a developer to implement the new image.

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